by toyyyys

Revising as I write takes too much wasted energy. I must scribble scribble scribble down a draft and go from there. If I have to start over, it’s easier to give up something that took me thirty minutes to write rather than throwing away a well edited paper that I put an hour of my /precious/ time into that doesn’t even relate to the topic in which that was never addressed to begin with. However, even if I find myself painfully perfecting every line of my essay impulsively, then I must do what I have to do: drag that document slowly but surely across the screen to the recycle bin. Whether I screw up severely or not I try not to become embarrassed because I like to think that everyone makes mistakes. However, it hella sucks when I turn in an assignment and I spelled a word wrong and get marked down on it. But come on, you can’t cry over spilled milk– you gotta live and learn! My weakest areas in writing are probably commas and repeating words. To this day I find myself using too many of the words ‘and’ and ‘the,’ and when I’m writing in first person I almost always use too many ‘I’s. I also hate throwing quotes into the blender because its hard to make them smooth and flow with the rest of the paragraph. I don’t always allow myself enough time to give my projects a second look a few days later, yet oh my god is it important to do so. Although I’ve had lucky moments where an essay was perfect the first time I typed it; times like that are as rare as seeing a meteor shower.  Honestly you can’t have revising down to a science. Well, I suppose you could… But tasks like this have to come naturally because forcing yourself to do things step-by-step is not only difficult because of motivation but your mind is going to be at the last memory of yourself eating Nutella from the jar. Also doing the same things over and over is not only boring but repetitive and you’re not going to learn anything new. Which ever way you do it though, you have to. Lets get real; if you put your soul into your writing, don’t you want it to be your best?