by toyyyys

That man tried, and let me tell you, he tried hard not to cry. The heart beats in his chest rapidly increased, the sweat from his face fell from his face, and all so far from the abyss of his mind. How painful it was to hear the word that represented him, the word that he used himself to label and describe himself, to be used against him in such a demeaning way. It honestly doesn’t even make sense to use the word ‘gay’ as an insult, for it isn’t one. However using it as so shows that you imply negative ideas connected to the word and it’s orgins. Therefore, not only degrading the person, but all of their origins as well. This man wasn’t even called gay. In fact, someone described something they didn’t like as gay and that’s what impacted him. Although this word has been changed throughout a few centuries and has a pretty solid definition today of homosexuality, it still is used for several different occasions that aren’t the same but similar to everyone, and a lot of the time aren’t appropriate.

My father told me that gay people used to be categorized as mentally ill. The same people with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder were all thrown into the same crazy group of people that were diagnosed by doctors that their brains literally had deficiencies in them, or sometimes too much of something. Maybe my dad was referring to the fact that a lot of the homosexual people you meet have too much fabulous charisma about them. I think that this is a contributing factor as to why the term is used so often negatively.

–I’m not sure if I want to continue with this word because although I feel strongly about it, I’m not directly affected by it so it’s somewhat hard to relate to. I’m worried about my thesis statement and also how many commas I have. I also found this site for a tad bit of research and I don’t really know how to determine how reliable it is. There is an author but I’v never heard of this website.