by toyyyys

The experience of OmmWriter definitely wasn’t a bad one. I really enjoyed my whole screen having been enveloped in white snow and soothing music. Typing was so free to do. I’ve never had this sort of experience other than when I would play pinball on my old computers that would take over my whole desktop and all you could hear were the synthetic sounds of the ball throwing itself against the walls. The program didn’t correct my obviously misspelled words that were easy to go back to to change, and that part is nice for when you don’t mess up a word but use the wrong word that’s so close to the right. I feel as if I rely on my Word Processor to fix my mistakes when it can’t always do it. The music did remind me of Minecraft but there were others to choose from and they all have that calming feel to them. Honestly I brought the volume down to the minimum so that I could barely hear it but it was still there. Sometimes it was hard not to focus on it. Overall I really enjoyed myself.

Whenever you write, you almost always feel as if someone is going to read it. Even in a diary you write to the journal. In a blog you scribble to your future self. What if we wrote in a way that we were confident no one was going to skim over our twisting and twirling words? Would our letters fall apart at the seams or would they stitch themselves over and over and over? Do you think there would be much of a difference at all? If you were trapped in a forest with a pen and paper, and you wrote to keep yourself sane, would you even want to read what you wrote after? Some autobiograhies are painful. For the writer and reader, it seems. So what happens when you only write for other people and not yourself? Do those words lose meaning when you know you won’t ever have to look at them again? Or do they gain more interest that way? Maybe you didn’t even write to another person in that instance you had to type out why you did what you did on that day you don’t like to think about. Are the words more harsh? Or are they more gentle and soft, quiet like the Christmas mouse? I think that these questions are all subjective. They differ from person to person but in the conclusion that everyone writes to someone a majority of the time.