by toyyyys

936full-sabrina-nellie-juarez So this babe makes 200k a year at the age of 21. How? By sexualizing herself.
It’s very clear, from her boob job to the stockings she’s wearing, what she’s trying to do. And it’s hella working.
Her name is Sabrina and she’s a webcam model. Although I don’t personally watch her to jerk off, I find her absolutely flawless. She takes her god-gfited good looks and sets herself in front of a camera and strips to gain tokens–which convert to money.
I’m not religious and I don’t judge sex workers anyways so I don’t see anything wrong with how she’s living; even though a lot of people do.
Dressing up in lingerie and perfecting her makeup isn’t all that easy because it takes money to make money. She is the perfect example of how good looks can actually get you through life pretty easily.
If the whole world was our society’s definition of beautiful, how would the world change? Girls like her wouldn’t be looked at as anything different.
You can walk into an interview in a dress and be saw as more elegant, and then walk into another in sweats and be viewed as lazy. You can walk into one being skinny and be seen as healthy verses being fat and looked down upon for being unhealthy. (Even though I’ve known chubbier people that were way healthier than the thinner ones.)
You’re always judged for your appearance before you can even strut your personality.
Why does racism exist? The only difference is the color of your skin than another person’s. It’s all appearance.
Sabrina gets her money through men thinking she’s beautiful; and I’m sure many of you think she is too. Our society revolves around our looks and a lot of the time it sucks.
But not for her.