tap tap tap

by toyyyys

How long can you stay away from your phone?
Probably no longer than a week.
Everyone I know has a cellphone, and it is always close by.
When you go over to a friends house what do you do?
I doubt you don’t spend an hour together sitting on your phones.
Even when I go to the pool I see people texting their littles lives away.
Without my phone, however, I probably wouldn’t have as much freedom.
Although I’m eighteen my dad is very protective with me.
If I didn’t have my iPhone, I wouldn’t be able to contact my father, and thus wouldn’t be able to go out all of the time. (mainly just being sneaky sneaky)
He worries too much.
I’m appreciative of my cellular device but I truly wish our society didn’t revolve so much around them.
When my phone breaks I worry about the cost rather than not having a cell phone.
The other day I didn’t have a working phone for almost a week and it was kind of nice.
I texted on my iPad but that’s it.
No phone calls.
No social networking when I’m bored.
And it was nice.
But at the same time, after that week, it was so nice to have my phone back.
But I was still texting without it.
And I had the internet at my palms when I got home once again.
This is a technology based society and things are changing faster than we can comprehend it.

“The last thing these companies want is to encourage leisurely reading or slow, concentrated thought. It’s in their economic interest to drive us to distraction.” (Carr 4)
We love the media.
Yet we hate it.
It feeds us and tells us about the news they find to be important, and anything and everything we want to know about the Kardashians.
They tell us what is important.
They don’t tell us everything, why would they?
Or is this paranoia?
Should we be paranoid?
They want us to buy their ideas because we are the consumers.
We will come back and we will want more.
It is in their economic interest that we believe the things we hear so that we may trust them.
Leaving certain information out isn’t considered lying.
Or maybe they’re not.
We know that global warming exists.
But is the awareness of global warming as alarming as awareness of cancer?
Which one can bring more money?
Cancer kills our loved ones.
Global Warming leads us to extinction.
It’s not too late to cure cancer.
Is it too late to stop global warming?
The more questionable threats are harder to comprehend, and it’s as if they are less of a threat, because we feel helpless.
Why would the media want to stress their consumers?
They don’t.
They just want our attention and our money.
Google would love to have our minds to change– become skimmers and want information right when we ask for it.
Searching on the web would be crazy without Google.
Without the internet, getting information would be so much harder. (Obviously)
I have never lived in a world without a computer.

I have no idea if what Carr was saying is true.
I love reading but I don’t because I’m always doing something else.
My sister was reading ‘A Catcher In The Rye’ to me the other day.
She started from the middle of the book and read, out loud, at least 100 pages.
It was so much fun and we sat there together laughing and discussing all of the words that the insane narrator was expressing.
If what Carr was saying is so true, how could we have read for so long without doing anything else?
Maybe he reads boring books and that’s his problem.
Maybe he should read out loud more often.
Or did I miss his whole point here?