by toyyyys

Using Twitter in school was a ridiculous idea to me at first, just like this blog. In the end, however, I never ended up loving Twitter. I have a Facebook and Instagram but I don’t post on either of them. My life really isn’t anyone’s business, and a lot of the people on my Facebook aren’t considered friends to me although I know them in real life. I have a close group of people I consider to be friends and they always know what’s going on with me because I let them know personally, not because of a post I made on one of many social media sites. I wouldn’t want to find out about my best friend getting engaged from Facebook; that would piss me off. I don’t hate theses sites, I like Twitter because I can see what the models I like are up to. It was nice to interact with classmates by retweeting and mentioning. Honestly though, I could have done without it.

At first I started posting with quotes I love. As the days went on, I got less and less interested in posting and I started retweeting half naked women. The human body is so beautiful, as close to visual poetry as one can achieve. I retweeted some things my classmates said and had public conversations with my instructor. I just wanted the assignment over with so I continued to go on everyday to fulfill the criteria. Hopefully retweets are still counted towards the 20 posts.

I probably would have tweeted a lot more if I had not had my classmates following me. If my followers were complete strangers I probably would have been bit more open. I feel as if I should keep things more PG since it is in a classroom environment, and I don’t always know where the boundaries lay and where I cross the line or not. Also, I doubt anyone really wants to hear about my boyfriend or pizza related stuff or other dumb things I’m up to.

Having a live audience definitely limited my writing. I became a lot more self-conscious. Since everyone sees my posts I figured that bothering anyone with my nonsense was not the right thing to do. People can think what they will about me, but being labelled because of what I write on the internet makes me nervous; people are so much more harsh to judge others when they are displayed on screen in front of them. Posting the cam girls was for my own humor, but even then I made sure not to post any of them naked because I felt that it might have upset someone. Mormons don’t even drink coffee, you know? And Catholics hate gay people– you never know who you might offend.

A positive experience of Twitter was the time I got to waste on it. Bored? No problem, I have one more social media site to sit on for ten minutes to scroll down. Honestly I dislike a lot of the people on my Facebook but I keep it because the ridiculousness entertains me. I’m terrible, aren’t I. All the people I love don’t have Facebook; a lot of them have Instagrams, but not Twitter accounts. I feel as if Twitter is meant for you to follow famous people so you may catch up with their work, or try to meet them at their favorite doughnut shop. I liked following the models. They’re attractive and really interesting people. I also got to follow some music groups I love, and I really liked that as well. I found out about new songs the day they came out because I was scrolling and not because I had to go remember to go check up on it with Google.

There wasn’t anything I considered super negative. It was just annoying to have another media app on my phone, and when my phone broke, I was actually stressed about posting on it. When my phone breaks the only thing I’m usually worried about is my freedom because without a phone I can’t leave the house as often. I’m a free spirit; I wanna run around and do fun things and not be cooped up like the bird in the logo that will never be set free.

I probably won’t delete my Twitter right away, it’ll probably stay on my phone longer than Facebook will. I want both gone though. They would have disappeared by now if Twitter didn’t update me on my music and Facebook wouldn’t connect me to my family. So both are useful in such an irritating way.

In conclusion, Twitter wasn’t so bad and I got things out of it other than a grade. It was nice to be publicly complimented by my instructor; it even made my day. I’m trying not to be negative about it although I dislike social media and try to distract myself from them because I think they are attention eaters. I want most of my attention on the world surrounding me, not the world inside my phone. Technology is so amazing yet when it comes to cellphones, I feel as if it is being abused. Not abused per say, but taken to a level of unnecessary and distraction from what’s really important.