by toyyyys

I have to admit that I was became sad when Orwell stated that he killed the elephant. After he said that he wasn’t going to shoot it, I was hopeful that he would let the animal go, as well as his dignity.

The elephant shouldn’t have been killed. A dreadful feeling of empathy took over my body and I felt numb just reading his powerful words about shooting the poor thing– not even dead. Just motionless. Let’s be real and allow me to tell you that I was almost in tears. It brings me back to the topic of suicide that has been running through my head a lot recently.

I’m not suicidal. I’m the bright ball of sunshine that this Earth revolves around.


But the topic of suicide has been really affecting me as of lately. Someone I care about a lot suffers every day and tells me constantly that he wants to die. Maybe Americans are more private than I think we are, and maybe I shouldn’t be so personal, but honestly people are going to think what they want anyways and I need to vent somewhere. Something that moves me so deeply as to fall back in school is crazy for me to think of; I live a seemingly perfect life. I have the family that I’m more than happy coming home to, the car, the friends, the rave festivals…

Point is, is that I’m not often stricken with nervousness.

Orwell killed the elephant and stated that it was because of laws that it was okay to do so. Should the laws matter? Do our laws tell us what we find immoral and what we find to be right? I ended up hating the narrator.

Imagine having back pain so bad that you must wear a back brace to work and still be required to lift heavy things since your titled job is at a grocery store. Car accident. Insane, like hot pin needles, down your spine. Two surgeries. Actual inches long needles struck into your back whilst still being awake. Pain doesn’t stop, only numbed a little. Informed that more surgery will take place very six months.

Someone suffering should not have to suffer any longer than necessary. Flashbacks of past horrors and endless physical pain isn’t fair; things don’t always get better. If someone with terminal cancer can legally kill themselves in Oregon, why can’t people that suffer will mental illness take their life with dignity as well? Am I missing the point here or am I making sense?

If we as humans can take the lives of animals that suffer from broken legs, why can’t we kill the people that want to die? That dog didn’t ask to die; we know that it is right of us to help relieve the pain. Yet I know people that have begged for their ending.

I think killing the elephant was immoral. Although the elephant had killed someone, it did not deserve so suffer. No one does.