by toyyyys

“Advertising doesn’t just sell things, it articulates values and builds meaning,…” (Freeman 278) and I agree completely. Television tells us all of the time what we should buy and why; if the why isn’t justified to make it seem like it’s important and true, they may lose consumers. That means losing money. These people must manipulate others into thinking their product is vital for their house, dog, teeth, and even the life they live so that they may live. If business owners know that men are pressured to be the most masculine, then they’re going to show why their razor blade will make them the manliest. Even though we all can pretty much agree that the man with the longest beard is the mightier of the men with shorter ones.

Maybe I’m being close-minded here but honestly I think that the writers here take ads much too seriously. I mean, words only have as much power as you give to them and I think that this applies to other things as well. If you think that the advertisement from Carl’s Jr. is going to reinforce men’s perceptions on women being objects, they probably already have a narrow mind-set on the subject. And if the man doesn’t already think that, why would a few commercials persuade him to think that hot girls are just that- hot girls? Besides that, with our TiVo and DVR and Nextflix accounts, along with Hulu and RedBox and the Internet, when do we ever watch ads? I probably don’t have much of a say on this because I rarely watch TV, but seriously, not many people I know watch commercials at all. Plus, when I was younger, my mom muted the TV when commercials came on.

If the writers think that simple commercials will back up nasty ideas, I have to disagree. Yes advertising pushes and tugs us to buy their things through manipulation, but how many people are actually listening? We buy pizza because we’re hungry. We invest 60k not because the car will help us pick up girls, but because we generally love the engineering and the art involved. I think people take things too seriously, but then again some things aren’t taken seriously enough. Like global warming. But that’s another story.