by toyyyys

I really haven’t watched a lot of TV or even movies, but for what I have watched I can completely see that men are almost always the winners and women the losers. In kid’s shows, like the Fairly Odd Parents, we see Wanda being the biggest nag we’d ever fathom. In mob movies the women are objects and get cheated on, like in Goodfellas, causing trouble for everyone then is the downfall of the main character in Casino, or is the little sister that cannot have freedom and barely seen in the movie at all as seen in Scarface. There are plenty of movies that have girl protagonists, but I have to agree that there’s not many. What I kept thinking about when I read the passage were the female characters in Breaking Bad. They were the absolute worst.

Although the show indicates Walter driving Skyler to her insanity, she was a nag in the beginning. The show dragged me to believe that what Walter is doing is doing it for her and their family, and the antagonist is clearly his wife from the start since she is the only one between him and his meth lab. I was sitting on the edge of my seat every time she got closer to knowing what was going on, and I was even rooting for Walter to lie to her so that he can continue manufacturing and distributing one of the most disgusting drugs. He uses her for tension relief through sex and after she finds out about his lab he has her lauder the money for him through running a car wash. He never cheats on her, and honestly he was making the money for her since she thought he was going to die of cancer, but he grows to be a twisted, selfish bastard and many of the people I have talked to rooted for him till the end scene of him getting caught by the police while seemingly dying. I never liked Skyler, although I sympathized for her, and even when she was doing the right thing by taking the kids away for awhile I wanted her to stop being so dramatic and calm the fuck down. I started hating Walter towards the middle of the show, and was pleading for him to die when he killed off Mike, but god damn his wife was such a pain in the ass.

The show only had two main women characters and the other was Skyler’s sister Marie. Her husband being the DEA agent and Walter’s worst nightmare, I didn’t want to have anything to do with her. She’s a frantic bitch anyways. She is awkward in social environments and many innuendoes are thrown in that she suffered from a mental disorder. Whether it was bi-polar, I cannot remember, but they had to give her some character, right? I can barely recall her in many scenes and a lot of the time her disorder was cooly suggested is not thrown at us half the times she was mentioned. Hank loved her despite her differences, and was good to her unlike the men described in Mad Men. She supported him the entire time and never left his side. The show was so fixated on Walter, however, you don’t care about their happy marriage. By the point where Hank dies I was just upset Walter didn’t die with him. The episodes call for Walt Jr. and Skyler pushing Walter away for killing Hank, but again I can’t remember what Marie even did when she found out. Probably cry. I think she cried a lot.

When Jessie finds the girl of his dreams, it is so obvious that she wouldn’t be good for him. He’s an addict, she’s been clean for a few months, and they jump into a relationship so fast that you know the only glue holding it together is the sex, and soon after, the drugs. When Walter lets her die I felt sad, not because she just overdosed after trying to be clean for so long, but because she overdosed and left Jessie to be with Walter again. Maybe not everyone felt this way, but the way it was written and by what I’ve been told by others, a lot of people felt this way. And people have even told me that it was good that she died because she was bad for Jessie. You know who was bad for Jessie? Walter. But Walter was bad for everyone. Especially himself.

The show differed a lot from Mad Men, not just because of the plots,  but because it seemed as if Mad Men had set the men as likable characters to the audience whilst Breaking Bad hardly had two characters with any good intentions that were posed as likable. The women were all crazy, although there were hardly any women at all in Breaking Bad. I honestly couldn’t care if the entire series were of men, however I have seen a correlation of nagging, insane women all over television and even when the men are nuts themselves, we are all rooting for them to gain success wherever it may lie.